Professional Bio

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An executive bio can be a powerful tool to boost your credibility – whether that’s at a speaking engagement, to help drive business or to promote your company.

Professionals of all experience levels can benefit from a bio.

As an executive, you should have a long and short version of a professional bio to use on:

  • Corporate or personal websites
  • Company marketing brochures
  • Blog posts
  • LinkedIn
  • Conference materials

If you are a student, you can use your bio as a LinkedIn summary or on the webpage of a campus organisation you are a part of. You never know who might come across it!

This add-on package includes two versions of your professional bio: an in-depth version (around 250-300 words) and a condensed version (around 150 words).

Please note that if you are not purchasing a CV writing package or are not already an existing client, you will incur an additional £100 fee for an introductory phone consultation. You will also need to provide a current copy of your CV.