How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Summary [with Examples]

Matt Glodz
How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Summary [with Examples]

We discuss what to write in your LinkedIn "about" section and provide effective LinkedIn summary examples

Your LinkedIn summary serves as a 30-second elevator pitch for your profile visitors.

When writing your profile summary, assume that your readers will have a short attention span.

You should quickly engage readers right away by providing key information they need to determine whether they want to engage with you further.

We'll analyse key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile summary and explain how you can leverage them to build your credibility with potential employers or clients.

A strong summary accomplishes the following goals:

  1. Provides an overview of your background
  2. Outlines your key areas of expertise
  3. Tells visitors what you are interested in
  4. Invites visitors to contact you
  5. Builds your personal brand

1. Provides an overview of your background

The primary purpose of your summary section is to tell anyone who happens to stumble upon your LinkedIn profile who you are.

Because LinkedIn is a social network, it's perfectly acceptable (and even encouraged) to write your summary in the first person.

Questions to address in your introduction include:

  • What is your current job title?
  • What companies have you worked for in the past?
  • What major career accomplishments are you best known for in your industry?

You don't need to go into granular detail here.

More detailed information should go into your experience section instead.

An effective example for a hotel investment professional would be:

I currently serve as the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Hamilton Hotel Investors.


I bring over 10 years of experience in hotel feasibility and development finance, consulting and asset management with Hilton, EY’s Hotels and Hospitality group and Cedar Capital Partners.

2. Outlines your key areas of expertise

    In your summary statement, be sure to outline your key areas of expertise.

    By doing so, you will naturally incorporate relevant keywords, helping with LinkedIn SEO and allowing recruiters to find your profile more easily.

    The candidate above might say something along the lines of:

    My areas of expertise include portfolio growth strategy, investor and owner relations, contract negotiations and financial analysis.

    3. Tells visitors what you are interested in

    Make your professional goals clear in your profile.

    After reading your LinkedIn summary section, a hiring manager, recruiter or potential client should walk away with an idea of:

    • The hard skills you bring to a prospective employer
    • What services you offer to your clients

    A CFA candidate might mention:

    I am currently pursuing my CFA designation and look forward to applying my skills in a long-term career in portfolio management.

    A cross-border financial planner might say something along the lines of:

    If you are a US citizen living in the UK, we can help you navigate US and UK tax laws in relation to your financial planning and investment management efforts.

    4. Invites visitors to contact you

    In your LinkedIn profile summary, be proactive!

    Whether you are a job seeker, employer or looking for new clients, make sure to leverage the power of social media to your advantage by telling visitors why they should get in touch.

    Consider saying something along the lines of:

    If you are in the market for a new role in logistics, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    - Hiring manager looking to add a team member

    Upon completing my MBA, I hope to secure a role in management consulting, and I'm happy to share my CV outlining my prior experience in financial services.

    - MBA job candidate seeking a new position

    My team of career experts can help you kickstart your job search with interview preparation coaching that will boost your confidence and interview performance. Feel free to contact me for more information.

    - Founder of career coaching firm

    You may also want to include your email address in your LinkedIn summary, enabling visitors who are not an existing connection or do not have LinkedIn premium to easily reach you.

    5. Builds your personal brand

    A great LinkedIn summary helps build your credibility and reputation.

    You should put just as much care into preparing your profile summary as you would into preparing your CV and cover letter (though your LinkedIn content should be different from that of your CV).

    We recommend printing out your final summary on paper to catch any punctuation or grammatical errors.

    In Summary

    Your LinkedIn summary is among the first things visitors see when they visit your profile.

    By making your background, accomplishments and professional goals clear, you'll be able to maximise the value you get out of your LinkedIn profile.

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