CV Editing Service

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  • Line-by-Line Grammar and Phrasing Editing
  • Edited document in Word and PDF

If you're already happy with your CV's content and are simply looking for an expert writer to copy edit it, this service is right for you.

We'll fix all of your grammar, punctuation and syntax issues, ensuring your document is error-free and easy to read.

Please note that this service focuses on editing your existing CV and does not include extensive feedback on how to improve your CV's content.

Many clients purchase this service in conjunction with our CV Review & Consultation service, which provides comprehensive feedback on your CV's design, content and structure.

You'll then be able to make any necessary content changes and submit your final document for thorough grammar and phrasing editing.


  • CV Submission

    Upon ordering, you'll receive an email with a CV  submission link. 

    We make edits in Microsoft Word, so we recommend submitting your CV in Word format.

  • Expert Editing

    Once you submit your CV, we'll get right to work, conducting a thorough review of your CV's grammar and phrasing.

    We'll fix common issues including punctuation errors, typos and sentence structure issues such as parallelism, run-on sentences and subject-verb agreement.


  • Document Return

    You'll receive your revised CV within three business days.

    We'll send your document in both Word and PDF formats.