CV Review & Consultation

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  • Comprehensive CV Review 
  • 30-Minute Feedback Call 
  • Follow-Up Action Plan
  • Bonus: CV Template

Upon purchase, you will receive an email outlining next steps, allowing you to submit your CV and book your phone consultation.

If you purchase one of our full-service CV writing packages moving forward, you will receive a £75 credit.

The Process

  • CV Review & Phone Call

    We'll conduct a thorough review of your CV to assess how it stacks up against our standards.

    During our call, we will discuss our feedback, provide practical tips for improvement and answer any questions you may have.


  • Action Steps

    After your call, you'll receive a customised checklist of critical actions you should take to improve your document.

    We'll also provide a summary of key points discussed.


  • CV Template

    We'll send you an ATS-compliant CV template for your use or reference.

    It is critically important to optimise your CV to pass automated ATS screenings, helping ensure your online application makes it into the hands of a recruiter.

Areas of Focus

  • Design & Formatting

    Your design is your first impression.

    When it comes to CV design, even seemingly minor inconsistencies convey carelessness and poor attention to detail.

    We'll provide advice on how to effectively leverage design elements such as layout, spacing, fonts and consistency to your advantage.

  • Content

    Your content should showcase how you will add value to an organisation.

    You'll learn about the difference between task-based and achievement-based bullet points.

    We'll pinpoint ways you can differentiate yourself from other applicants with concrete examples of your skills and contributions.

  • Structure

    A carefully-designed structure ensures that recruiters can quickly pick up key information.

    Studies show that recruiters spend just over 7 seconds initially reviewing a CV.

    We'll help you structure yours in a recruiter-approved manner while highlighting your most impressive experience. 


  • Grammar & Phrasing

    Incorrect grammar can land your CV in the no pile instantly.

    We'll point out any recurring and high-level grammar and phrasing issues.

    We'll also provide tips on how to best phrase your bullet points for maximum impact.

    * Note that this service does not include in-depth, line-by-line editing of your CV.


  • ATS Compatibility

    98.8% of the largest global companies use applicant tracking systems to automatically screen CVs.

    We'll discuss exactly how companies use ATS systems to filter applications and how to optimise your content to "beat the system."

    We'll also let you know whether your CV's formatting is ATS-compliant.


  • Q&As

    Any burning questions?

    We want to make sure your capture as much value from your call as possible.

    We'll use remaining time to answer your questions related to CVs, job applications and interviews.